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For its productions, there is a factory located at 7/13 Kha Van Can street, Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc District which covers an area of 26,984m2. (square meters ) with an output all of noodle and macaroni 30,000 tons of product per year. It has its own waste water treatment system with an output of 15m3/day, a transformer plant with the output of 326 KVA and a generator with the output of 250 KVA.

There are 2 of warehouses, one at 49/1 Hoa Binh street, Tan Binh district with an area of 1,500 m2 and another one at 430 Tran van Kieu street, district 6th with an area of 5,500 m2, to be reserved for storage product and distributed by trucks to customers inner city and provinces. The source of water to be used in the factory is supplied by the water supply office for use in daily living and production activities and from the underground water system at the depth of 90 meters for watering trees and plants and cleaning purpose only.

The main products of the Company at present include noodle and macaroni of all kinds, rice paper, dried and fresh rice vermicelli,… in various styles and models wrapped in eye pleasing packaging with high quality and stable content being improved unceasingly so as to meet the national sanitary standard in food safety. The Safoco Foodstuff Joint Stock Company’s motto is “ to ensure supplying its customers with best quality food products”. The major of raw material for use in its processing is the finest fresh rice starch selected having stable and high quality so as to cause the natural elastic but crispy property and free gluten. Besides that, the main feature for most of Safoco’s products is that they are mixed with natural extract liquid from various garden plants so as to provide them with more nourishing values and richer flavours.

Now, our Company is managing the quality meeting the International Standard of ISO 9001: 2000 in which we try our best to improve and enrich the quality of the products so as to meet the customers increasing demand.

Every year, our Company is inspected periodically by several inspectors teams at national level such as the Health Department, The Department of Science Technology and Environment and General Department of Standard and Quality Measurement and the Inspections are made on a yearly basis. Our Company also take the active part in bringing our food samples to several State agencies for further check to see if there are microorganisms, physical and chemical inspections of food products are also made on the semi-annual basis.

The products from Safoco now takes up 70% of the market share in the country, and 30% for export to foreign markets under our Trademark. Our exports have become more and more popular to other countries such as Russia, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, the USA, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Sweden, France, Italy, Cambodia, Laos. Among those markets above, Russia was import the big volume of noodles, R.Czech was import mainly items of product which made from vegetable, the remaining markets were import all of kind of our products as noodle, macaroni, rice vermicelli, rice paper,…

Especially in the Italy, who has the traditional country specializing in making and processing pasta, but now most of people to go on a diet, they are inclined to substitute pasta which made from rice flour instead of wheat flour. Since October 2003 up to the end of 2003, we have exported to Italy 245 tons only. In 2004, a contract was made for the whole year with the total quantity of 1,650 tons. Our Company estimate in year 2005 for exporting will be reach to delivered to the customer a quantity of 1,700 tons under various designs

Our Safoco’s annual turnover in 2006 was: 260 billion VND.

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